Isaiah 26:3 King James Version (KJV) 3 Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.

Here are some very helpful tip to save you money and stress with your plumbing.

Whole house water filtration!

Protect your health and save a lot of money from not having to use plumbers by eliminating hard water, chlorine, and other harmful chemicals in your water that damages your plumbing system prematurely.

Your main shut off valve to your home.

Make sure you know where your shut off to your house is in case of an emergency

If you go away from your home for any longer than a day shut all the water off to your home to avoid a flood that can cause you to lose everything in your home due to mold.

Be sure you have a good ball valve to shut your whole hose off immediately in cause of an emergency

if you do not have a shut off valve I would strongly recommend that you have one installed right away to avoid a huge flood because of inability to shut of your water to your home.

You can have a Water Cop installed on the main valve to your home which automatically shuts down the water to our home in case of and emergency. this can literally save you 10s of thousands of dollars and save your treasured valuables in your home from mold damage.

Water Heater

You can turn the temp up or down depending on if you wish to have more hot water if if you need less hot water and want to save money on energy cost.

Waiting for hot water for a long time?

Most homes in florida have copper lines that run under concrete in the ground where it is very cool.

All that cool water has to come out of the hot line before the hot water can get to the fixture.

Your master bathroom may be 100ft or more from the water heater which is why it takes so long.

You can have a special circulation pump installed on your water heater that will solve that problem and you can have hot water in you shower nearly instantly.

Installation of this pump is typically around $600.00

You can have a leak detector put in water heater pan to alert you of any leaks that occur.

You can have a flood stop valve that automatically turn off water to water heater in cause of an emergency which can save you thousands of dollars and save our treasured belonging in your home.


Put food coloring in the toilet to see if it is leaking causing you to waste money.

Be sure the water level in the toilet is set correctly for proper flushing which will help you avoid a costly trip from the plumber to unclog your toilet.

Check flappers for hard water and chlorine damage.


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