Isaiah 26:3 King James Version (KJV) 3 Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.

Toxic water!

Are you concerned about the water your family is exposed to everyday?

Did you know your water is toxic?

Your home is a place where you want to be safe not a place where your family is being poisoned slowly.

Most people are just uninformed of this concerning reality. Unfortunately People simple just don't think about it.

The one most impactful thing you can do for your family to protect their health is to address the toxic water that they are constantly exposed to.

You and your loved ones are constantly exposed to toxic chemicals in the water that you use everyday.

Ways your exposed;

-When cooking. 

-When Showering and bathing (your skin is the largest organ of your body and your pours open up and the toxins in the water go right into your system)

-Drinking the water.

-In the air you constantly breath in your home. Every time you use your water the chemicals in the water aerosol into the air your family is breathing. Your laundry is soaked in these chemicals and when cloths are folded the chemicals go into the air.

-So your family is constantly being exposed to these chemicals that can cause illness with long term exposure and in some cases immediate.

 such as with some skin issues.

When your body is over loaded with these toxins it has a harder time trying to focus on keeping you healthy in other ways.

Does your eye ever burn when taking a shower? It's from the chlorine in the water sometimes worst than other times.

Preserve your health with pure clean water to shower, bath, cook, and clean in.and

Eliminate the need for plastic bottles which has toxins that  leech into the water from the plastic and help preserve the environment buy eliminating plastic bottles from your life. Also save a lot of money from not buying plastic bottles. 

Use glass containers instead of plastic to help preserve your health ever little change to preserve your health makes a big difference in the long run!

A little positive investment now can save you potentially thousands of dollars from avoiding potential health issues from toxins in water, acidic water, money spent on plastic bottle which can pollute the environment and damage done to your plumbing system.

Hard water issues

The water around here is very hard causing many premature plumbing issues.

What Makes Water Hard?

In some areas, there are larger quantities of calcium, magnesium, and other types of alkalines in the water that comes to your home from the treatment plant.

What problems does hard water cause?


Hard water ruins toilet guts and causes them to go bad faster.


Hard water tends to make clothes appear greyer and discolored. It can also cause them to become scratchy and irritating. If you do your laundry with untreated hard water, it may cause your clothes to deteriorate more quickly. The damaging effects of the hard water may reduce your clothes lifespan by as much as 40 percent.


Water heater and plumbing problems

The buildup of hard water mineral deposits in your plumbing can reduce water flow as the pipes narrow over time.

Heating bills may increase by as much as 25 percent as these

deposits damage your water heater. In addition, the increased

mineral buildup may erode your pipes, causing them to leak or

burst, causing water damage and even flooding.


Hard water can cause excessive buildup in toilet bowls, bathtubs, sinks, taps, tiles and other kitchen and bathroom areas. This buildup is not pleasant to sight and very hard to remove.


Causes scaling and discoloration of tub and tile over time.

Dishwashers, Washing Machines, And Other Appliances

The increased amount of minerals in the water can prematurely ruin your appliances.  This is because they clog up the appliances, making them work harder.

Chemicals and hardness in water causes the water to be a bit more acidic in nature.

A more acidic PH can make one more venerable to disease and keep one from getting better from health conditions. 

What can you do about it? 

The solution!

Have a Halo 5 water filtration system that purifies your water and helps to treat hardness issues without slimy salts.

The system requires no maintenance as it is self cleaning needs no salt or filter replacement.

We can typically provide and install the system for $4,000-$5,000 

$4,000.00 if unit can be install witin 10ft of water main for house and more if lines must be ran to a different location.

Make the most important decisions and protect your family today, experience clean pure water and cleaner in home air :-)


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